Our Mission

Mission Statement :

To deliver training courses both theoretical and practical in line with SAQA's most updated unit standards.

To identify areas for fire and first aid training as well as foster relationships within the Industry.

The development and validation of training materials for Industrial, Commercial, Marine and other related areas


Mission Statement Outputs:

After completing any of the courses the candidate will understand and be able to completely perform the fire fighting and first aid duties and responsibilities assigned to them in the company's emergency action plan. Candidates will also be able to predict fire behaviors and know the actions necessary to change or prevent these behaviors. Candidates will be able to make a significant contribution to the safety and physical welfare of the company by recognizing hazards in the workplace before they develop into costly and dangerous problems.

The greatest benefit derived from this training unit is the ability to adequately train the men and women who risk their lives to fight fires and assisting casualties by their knowledge of First aid. Proper training is essential to the safety of your working environment and housekeeping. This academy has and will continue to improve fire fighting techniques, safety strategies and first aid to all industries and communities for years to come. Come and enjoy our rock solid knowledge and broad based experience


Company Values

1. At SAFMA we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

2. We strive to constantly and consistently exceed customer expectations.

3. Build a positive rapport with each client.

4. Being flexible in meeting industry demands, along with our client-focused attitude, ensures a positive high-quality experience.

5.  We continually verify satisfaction with our training and services and look forward to hearing any feedback our clients may have to offer

6.  All dealings to be done Honestly and with Integrity



PetroSA Annual Top "SAFETY in the WORKPLACE" conference - Guest Speaker Certificate awarded to Mark Ackers

Cape Regional Chamber - Certificate awarded to Mark Ackers for participation in the 2007/2008 Mentorship Programme

Accenture - Africa Video Winner of SEDA/ENABLIS SMME Award


Continues Personal Growth

SAFMA currently employs nine (9) permanent staff and has access to a pool of seventeen (17) highly trained and experienced independent training instructors.

The company has developed a skills plan for all team members The managing member has a business mentor as part of his continuous growth plan


Knowledge and Wisdom

Total of 157 years of experience within the company Total of 143 years of experience across the Instructors
Member: Cape Regional Chambers of Commerce



We, as a company view ourselves as a family where, depending on the circumstances we will assist support and look after one another. This "family" concept will be carried through to our extended family the FRANCHISE FAMILY