How we got started

Welcome to SA Fire and Medical Academy, where we turn the heat into expertise! 

Are you ready to empower your team with the skills and knowledge to tackle fire emergencies head-on? The flames of uncertainty can be daunting, but with our specialized fire training, you'll transform into a fearless force of firefighting proficiency.

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A Little About SAFMA

SAFMA (SA Fire and Medical Academy) was established by Mark Ackers in 2003 and has proudly celebrated its 21st anniversary this year. Situated in Ottery, Cape Town, SAFMA stands as a leading provider of Health and Safety Compliance Training in South Africa.

With a firm commitment to ensuring workplace safety, SAFMA offers a diverse range of courses tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations. These courses include:

1 Day Basic Fire Fighting Training, 1 Day Evacuation Training, 2 Day Fire Marshal Training, 5 Hour Fire Extinguisher Training, 3 Day Industrial Fire Fighting Including Breathing Apparatus Training, 2 Day First Aid Level One Training, 2 Day First Aid Level Two Training, 3 Day First Aid Level Three Training, 1 Day Offshore Training (Only For CPUT 021 440 5715), 3 Day Marine Fire Fighting Training, 4 Day Advanced Marine Fire Fighting Training, 2 Day Advanced Marine Fire Fighting Refresher Training, 4 Day Elementary and Medical First Aid Training, 2 Day Health and Safety Representative Training, 1 Day Health and Safety Awareness Training, 3 Day SHEPTRAC Training, 5 Day Forklift Training, 1 Day Forklift Refresher Training, 3 Day Rigging and Slinging Training, 2 Day Hazmat Response Training, 1 Day Hazmat Awareness Training, 2 Day Incident and Accident Investigation Training, 2 Day Conveying of Dangerous Goods by Road Training

In addition to this extensive list of courses, SAFMA also offers specialized services to cater to specific needs and requirements within the realm of health and safety compliance.

As a trusted institution in the field, SAFMA prides itself on delivering high-quality training programs conducted by experienced professionals. With its dedication to excellence and a vision for safer workplaces, SAFMA continues to be a cornerstone in promoting health and safety standards across industries.


Years of experience

A Fire and Medical Academy (SAFMA) is proud to celebrate 21 years of excellence in occupational health and safety training. Join us in our mission to create a safer tomorrow!


SA Fire and Medical Academy (SAFMA) offers a wide range of occupational health and safety courses to meet your training needs.


SA Fire and Medical Academy (SAFMA) is an award-winning leader in occupational health and safety training. Join us and experience excellence!

Delegates Trained

SA Fire and Medical Academy (SAFMA) has successfully trained thousands of delegates, equipping them with essential skills for safety and emergency response.

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