Forklift Training

About This Project


Congratulations on completing this programme.  We sincerely hope you enjoyed the programme and that the learning experience was enriching.

The fact that you have attended training, however, is not sufficient evidence of your competence for the Training Provider to issue a certificate of competence and award the credits attached to this programme. You are required to undergo assessment in order to prove your competence to achieve credits leading to a national qualification.

Being Declared Competent Entails:

Competence is the ability to perform complete work roles, to the standards expected in employment, in a real working environment.

There are three levels of competence:

  • Foundational competence: an understanding of what you do and why.
  • Practical competence: the ability to perform a set of tasks in an authentic context.
  • Reflexive competence: the ability to adapt to changed circumstances appropriately and responsibly, and to explain the reason behind the action.

To receive a certificate of competence and be awarded credits, you are required to provide evidence of your competence by compiling a portfolio of evidence, which will be assessed by an assessor, registered with the appropriate SETA.


You Have To Submit A Portfolio Of Evidence

A portfolio of evidence is a structured collection of evidence that reflects your efforts, progress and achievement in a specific learning area, and demonstrates your competence.