About This Project

This is a 4 day Elementary First Aid & Medical First Aid Training Course in which you will go through 18 Modules of work.

Module 1: First Aid and Law

Module 2: Skeletal System

Module 3: Principles of First Aid, Scene Management

Module 4: Heart Attack and Angina

Module 5: Bleeding, Blood Circulation, Blood Vessels

Module 6: Burns

Module 7: Handling Casualties

Module 8: Fractures, Types of Fractures, Treatment

Module 9: Sprains and Strains

Module 10: Head Injuries

Module 11: Environmental Injuries, Hypothermia

Module 12: Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Module 13: Poisons and Stings

Module 14: Hepatitis A and B

Module 15: Sterilization

Module 16: Pharmacology

Module 17: First Aid Kits

Module 18: Radio Medical Advice