We give FREE Fire and Safety Compliance Assessments to all areas within the Cape Town area. Far lying areas may be charged a call out fee.

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Elementary First Aid & Medical First Aid Training

About This Project

This is a 4 day Elementary First Aid & Medical First Aid Training Course in which you will go through 18 Modules of work.

Module 1: First Aid and Law

Module 2: Skeletal System

Module 3: Principles of First Aid, Scene Management

Module 4: Heart Attack and Angina

Module 5: Bleeding, Blood Circulation, Blood Vessels

Module 6: Burns

Module 7: Handling Casualties

Module 8: Fractures, Types of Fractures, Treatment

Module 9: Sprains and Strains

Module 10: Head Injuries

Module 11: Environmental Injuries, Hypothermia

Module 12: Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Module 13: Poisons and Stings

Module 14: Hepatitis A and B

Module 15: Sterilization

Module 16: Pharmacology

Module 17: First Aid Kits

Module 18: Radio Medical Advice


If you would like us to provide lunch it will come at an additional cost of R60 per person, You are allowed to bring your own lunch if you opt to do so instead.

Terms & Conditions

To do training at your venue, we require a minimum of 7 people per class. If you have less than 7 people the training will take place at our training center in Ottery.

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